What you will need to create the PERFECT HAIR BUN:

1. Hairnets
2. Hair pins
3. Hairspray
4. Gel
5. Comb / brush



1. Pull hair into a tight ponytail in the middle of the head (in line with, or just above the top of the ears). Use gel and hairspray to do so.
2. Holding the ponytail just below the elastic, twist it clockwise, moving your hands down the ponytail and twisting as you go.
3. Without letting go of the twisted ponytail, coil it clockwise around the hair elastic, so that it sits in a flat bun.
4. Holding the bun firmly to the head with one hand, insert a couple of hair pins (not bobby pins!) to hold the bun in place.
5. Place a hair net over the bun (NOT bun net) and pin the net to the bun.
6. Secure the bun in place by using the remaining hair pins – you can make adjustments to the shape of the bun if need be.
7. Spray with hairspray.


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