The human body requires sleep for a minimum of one third of the total hours in a day, which is eight hours. Millennial and baby boomers that form a majority of the adult population are particular about their exercise regime and are aware of the food they eat. However, importance of adequate sleep is completely lost. A study via the Sleep-o-meter, a sleep assessment tool by Godrej Interio, speaks volumes about the sleep deficit that the nation is facing.

Below are the findings:

  • Over 80 % individuals are moderate to severely sleep deprived.
  • Over 60 % use smart phones and other devices before bedtime.
  • Only 9 % sleep at 10 p.m. the recommended time to go to bed.
  • More than 28 % people sleep for only 4-6 hours every day.
  • Over 32 % shared they were unable to sleep through the night
  • Nearly 40 % shared they went to bed after 12 p.m.
  • Screen addition (TV and mobile) appears to be a major source ( nearly 60 % ) in contributing to sleep delay.

All the above traits can be attributed to lifestyle changes such as stress due to work, eating habits and changes in body clock. An entire generation of adults does not seem to realize that the repercussions of insufficient sleep can be annihilating. Sleep starvation is rampant
in India and needs to be kept in check before it reaches disastrous levels.

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